Group Show at Brunswick St Gallery 

2024, Melbourne, Australia

Anatomize can be cemented in the term 'falling in the middle'. Whether expressed through gender or sexuality, this work encourages dissection of the "conventional" binary that society generally accepts as set in stone. As an artist that embraces and welcomes both the sides of her individuality that are feminine and masculine, she aims to explore the potential dissonance between the two that form the queer experience. That which is fragmented and in an area full of grays, and questions of 'where do I sit in a society that sees only two?' This piece is meant to be traversed linearly but as you step closer, can be explored as moments in time.

Laetitia Um is a multi-disciplinary bisexual artist based in Naarm with an educational background in 2D and 3D animation. Her artwork has been described as a powerful thematic of dualities. By pairing fantastical figures and ambrosial linework, she addresses the morose emotions of heartbreak, longing, and abandonment.